He asked me out…should I tell him I’m Pregnant

Dating while Pregnant

Glowing skin, gorgeous hair and beautiful nails, maybe that’s what made him take a second look. He has no idea of the morning spent retching in the toilet and of your craving for boiled maize. And thanks to a well-selected outfit, your rounded tummy isn’t showing.

He approaches, armed with his most charming smile. You know that look on his face. Normally, you would have found a way to avoid him. But he’s rather fine … nice clothes, nice teeth. So you decide to hear him out.

Later, you are chatting with him on your phone. Yes, you gave him your phone number.  He is such a sweet talker. Funny too! Oh, and that smile… sigh!

Then he asks you out for dinner.

Your brain finally starts to function properly. You can’t go out with him. You are pregnant!

Or, maybe you can. Just don’t tell him. Then one day he wonders what’s up with your growing tummy, and you will find an explanation. Then when you go into labor… Wait, what are you thinking?

Of course, you should tell him. You are with child but you are single. Maybe, he will still be interested. You will go out, get along well. He will support you and your baby. He and the baby daddy (if he is present) will get along well. Then he will propose… Wait, what? Focus, woman!

First, the most important question:

Do You Want to Date While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a highly demanding time: physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. And let’s not forget those pesky hormones. They can have an effect of heightening sexual desire, hence the crazy physical attraction to potential mates or even to those you wouldn’t have looked at twice. Pregnancy also comes with a nesting effect, and the idea of having a partner on your side is very welcome.

Nonetheless, it is a challenging season: fatigue, mood swings, morning sickness, crazy cravings, to name but a few.

Adding on to this the fracas that is dating is not a simple matter.

Sure, there is no one way to meeting the love of your life. And maybe yours will be the epic romance of falling in love, while pregnant, with an amazing guy, like in that movie The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez. Just be honest with yourself about what you really want. Then extend this honesty to potential mates.

Be ready to understand, if they are scared off, or simply cannot handle your special situation. Don’t give up on love. It will find you at the right time. Besides, your baby is the most important person in your life right now.

On the other hand, if it works out, I am sure it will make for quite a good story and even better relationship.

Otherwise, always trust in God to bring you and your dream mate together in His timing. He knows best.

Would you date while pregnant? I wouldn’t.


P.s. If you just found out you are pregnant, yet you are single and alone, check out this post for some great advice.



  1. I became single and alone at 6 mths pregnant. It was horrible. He cheated. My normal response woukd be screw you and start dating agsin. But I couldn’t. Then after I had my son. It was to tiring to even contemplate!


  2. Nice piece Bev.. Din know you were a writer until I came across this. Still waiting for that right time to get the one for me..


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